About Drawing Blood

I originally hoped to be a fashion designer and studied for a diploma in fashion design at Melbourne school of fashion, covering all areas of fashion, patternmaking, design etc.

My career path took a dramatic turn when I had my first experience of tattooing with Tim Howden at Black Dragon Tattooing. I instantly felt at home in what to me was an ideal creative environment, where I could express myself and interact with people on a one-to-one basis. Despite tattooing for some time that feeling has never left me, and it continues to thrill me that there are people out there who trust me and enjoy my artwork enough to have it permanently etched into their skin.

I love to tattoo original art pieces and the challenge of accurately rendering it onto skin. I adore fine realistic tattoos and miniatures and am hugely inspired by the beautiful fine art style of Anil Gupta and the inspirational tattoos and artwork of Nick Baxter.